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Demonstrating the viability of sustainable concepts and practices in urban environments through research, education, and hands-on projects.

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Dave Hampton

Dave Hampton


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Board President Dave Hampton was elected unanimously by the board in September 2009. Serving officially as UHC Secretary from 2004-2009, UHC co-founder Dave Hampton acted as one of the primary leaders of the organization in partnership with then-president Mike Repkin. Insuring the growth, continuity and direction of the organization through new project development, while maintaining and developing public communications tools, he also helped to establish strong partnerships with related organizations in the field as well as to build membership and foster staff development and growth. He has also maintained a hands-on engagement with projects in the field throughout this time.

Dave Hampton is an architect from Winston-Salem, NC with 15 years of professional experience. As a principal of Hampton Avery Architects, his focus is the planning and implementation of high-performance buildings, both new and retrofit, specifically thermal envelope design.

Dave holds a B. Arch from the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech, architectural licenses in Illinois and North Carolina, is a LEED Accredited Professional, and is one of a few certified consultants in the United States for the German high-efficiency building design standard Passive House. His expertise also includes advocacy of materials reuse and deconstruction. Under his leadership, UHC was involved in advocacy resulting in the City of Chicago’s recognition of deconstruction as a viable alternative to building demolition, and was instrumental in bringing the building deconstruction industry to Chicagoland, resulting in the diversion of 1.2 kilotons of material from landfills on more than 50 residential and commercial projects, as well as the creation of the Delta Institute’s ReBuilding Exchange (RX), where quality reclaimed building materials may be purchased for less-than-market rate, and on whose Board he serves. In 2010, he will train 70 ex-offenders to enter the deconstruction industry.

A frequent lecturer, Dave has presented on topics ranging from architecture and design, deconstruction, sustainable strategies, and high-performance buildings at venues which include Chicago Center for Green Technology, Green Festival 2009, The University of Chicago, Chicago Department of the Environment, Kankakee Community College, Northeastern Illinois University, IIT Rice Campus in Wheaton, and Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Lectures and presentations

The Wonderful World of Malcolm Wells
Rethinking the Life of Buildings
High-Performance Residential Rehab
Deconstruction: The Next Step for True Sustainability in Chicago
Pioneering Engineers - The Economy of Materials from Robert Maillart to Shigeru Ban
Fabric in Architecture

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