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photo A. Lewicki

Just as Urban Habitat Chicago’s Northside College Prep site is beautifully blossoming into a large, functioning vegetable-producing site, Chicago’s (and the Midwest’s for that matter) drought continues to deepen. Beds continue to spring up (with hours of difficult manual labor of course) and we continue to fill them with plants happy to find a home, but the rain does not come. We had a few moments of relief over the previous few days and welcome threats of more rain, but it has done little to eliminate the need of attentive, and creative, irrigation.

Not only has there been little rain for plants, and humans alike, we have also seen record-setting high temperatures this season already. Tom Skilling of WGN’s Weather Center writes, “[This year’s] average of 76.4-degrees is the warmest in 142 years of official observation.” There’s nothing like working with Mother Nature to make you remember that she’s the boss.

- Audra Lewicki

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