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Demonstrating the viability of sustainable concepts and practices in urban environments through research, education, and hands-on projects.

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Grub Club

After almost being cancelled due to low enrollment, the Grub Club program was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had over any summer break. Lasting for only 8 weeks, the students in the program and I were able to cover topics such as the importance of watering and nutrients for plants, categories and varieties of plants, and even how being able grow your own food and self sustainability is important in today’s economy and in personal lives. During the program, the students were able to work with a chef and a nutritionist who taught them how to cook healthy foods and what healthy foods can do to benefit your body. At the end of the program the students were able to take home the plants that they grew and left with a brain full of knowledge on urban gardening and nutrition. I’ve shared a few snapshots below.

Angel pays careful attention to the basil plants and applies some peat moss.

Two students water mint plants in one of the garden beds.

The day of graduation. The students are posing with their Grub Club certificates while the adults join around.

Here we were learning about peat moss. One of the students does the application of it.

The students’ first day on the site. Here we are learning about the importance of nutrients from the soil.

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