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Household Chemicals and Electronics Recycling Center

Image source: Greenworks Studio

The City of Chicago Household Chemical and Electronics Recycling Center gives people in Chicagoland a place to take hard-to-dispose-of items and know they’ve done the right thing.

NOTE: While Urban Habitat Chicago appears to be a popular result in Internet searches for this facility and we DO encourage you to recycle or reuse unwanted items, we DO NOT accept these items and DO NOT operate this facility. Please contact the City of Chicago directly regarding the Household Chemical and Electronics Recycling Center or if you have questions.

Items accepted

List of disposables accepted at the center:
* aerosol paints and pesticides
* antifreeze
* car batteries
* cell phones
* cleaning products
* computers
* drain cleaners
* fluorescent light bulbs
* herbicides
* hobby chemicals
* household batteries
* insecticides
* lawn chemicals
* mercury (including mercury-containing thermometers)
* oil-based paints
* old gasoline
* pesticide solvents
* paint thinners
* pool chemicals
* propane cylinders
* used motor oil

Location and Schedule

1150 N. North Branch St. on Goose Island, Chicago (map)

Hours of operation:
Tuesdays from 7 AM-12 PM
Thursdays from 2 - 7 PM
First Saturday of every month from 8 AM - 3 PM.

More information

Read the press release.

Be sure to take advantage of Chicago public transportation to take your items. Unlike Los Angeles, you CAN take suitcase-sized items on a CTA bus!

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