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Manuch- individual project


The keyhole gardens are the centerpiece of the Malcolm Wells Memorial Garden. We originally built them as a feature to be introduced in the DA colloquium classes at Northside Prep because the design makes it very easy for students to go in and harvest from each bed within the circular formation. However, during summer break, due to the variations in student involvement and the decrease in large scale group work, the keyhole gardens aren’t being used to the fullest extent of their capacity as a growing space. The soil in and around the keyholes (including in the walkway through the main circle) is incredibly high quality due to the high amount of woodchips we layered there when we built them. As an individual project, I want to make use of that soil as growing space.


I’m going to use a similar model to what we did when we added additional beds to exterior border of the keyhole gardens but I’m going to build the new beds inside circular formations as an offshoot of the circular bed where we’ve been growing Jerusalem artichoke and Comfrey. I’ll be using concrete chunk as my main building material and supplementing the already rich soil with another layer of either compost or green manure (comfrey stalks) over about 6 inches of medium quality soil. I have done most of the preliminary measurements and planning. Now I just need to start moving material and building up the beds. I also need to figure out what plants will make most sense to plant in that area.

Photos of construction progress to follow!

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