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Demonstrating the viability of sustainable concepts and practices in urban environments through research, education, and hands-on projects.

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Learning by Doing, Part I: Deconstructing the Kikuchi House

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 · 6:00 PM
Chicago Center for Green Technology (CCGT), 445 N. Sacramento Blvd.

This is the first program in a two-part series. Discussion for this session will revolve around deconstruction - a term applied to the careful disassembly of buildings and the salvaging and reuse of materials. The Kikuchi House (the former home of a Japanese watercolor artist), offers an excellent example of a home that is in the throes of the deconstruction process as its original building materials are re-used and re-incarnated in a new home.

The talk will also include case studies on successful deconstruction enterprises such as the Green Institute and American Barn Company, which maintains a staff of deconstructors, salvages barns across the Midwest, and resells the materials or creates new designs.

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Presenters: Mike Repkin and Dave Hampton

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