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UHC Lecture Series 2011 01) Julie Hochstadter of BikeWinter

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 · 6:30 PM

Speeding Through the Snow (photo via Bike Winter website)

Help UHC kick off another great year of exciting lectures by attending our first lecture in 2011. The timely and informative, “Year-round Biking with Julie Hochstadter”

Lecturer: Julie Hochstadter
Date/time: Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 6:30pm
Location: J. Merlo Branch of the Chicago Public Library
644 W. Belmont Avenue, 60657 (map)
Cost: FREE!

Lecture Summary

Bike Winter is a grassroots organization that encourages cyclists to bike in all seasons and weather. Bike Winter hosts numerous workshops, classes, events and rides throughout the year teaching new and seasoned cyclists tips and tricks to riding in inclement weather. As co-chairs, Julie and Lowell travel around teaching others about the Bike Winter organization and give presentations on cold weather biking gear, bikes, maintenance and where to find additional resources. They also are the media contact for the organization.

This unique presentation will include the breakdown of a typical day as a winter cyclist, gear for winter cycling, upcoming events, and additional resources.

Lecturer’s Bio

For the past six years Julie Hochstadter’s “day job” has been as a residential real estate agent for Coldwell Banker. But her true passion is biking. Julie co-owns the local social network for Chicago area cyclists called The Chainlink. The mission of The Chainlink is to allow Chicago cyclists to find rides and routes, connect with other cyclists and share information. She is also a member of Active Transportation Alliance, and sits on the Chicago Cycling Club steering committee. Julie is dedicated to promoting cycling throughout Chicago, and leads by example: she gave up her car two years ago and rides her bike to real estate appointments, errands and other social gatherings. Julie is a year-round cyclist, and, along with her co-chair Lowell Nelson, were both nominated as the 2011 Chicago Bike Winter co-chairs. She lives in Ravenswood. Julie is also an animal lover and supporter of Jewish-Muslim community building.


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